project management tools


  • Detailed take-off with options to create parts and assemblies to facilitate comprehensive pricing import previous or multiple projects.
  • Excel BOQ easily integrated with import excel function.
  • Base schedule of prices can be set as benchmark.
  • Margin reset, labour rate adjustment.
Construction management tools
software development tool


  • Supplier management
  • Raising RFQ to multiple suppliers
  • Live costs comparison


  • Clock in and out system, register hours spent against allowance in BOQ line item.
  • Live reporting.
  • Easy report to understand progress.
  • Live check on costs and sales.

Project & Cost Management

  • Overview of each project
  • Live reports of budget against actual costs
  • Purchasing budget against estimates
  • Identify key issues right from the start of the project
  • Progress tracking
  • Live chat with all stakeholders and supply chain
Remote Work Software

User friendly