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We are a Cost & Project Management Consultancy. Cost & Project Management, Contract Administration and Design are our specializations, delivered by our UK based enthusiastic people with a passion for the Construction and IT industry.

We are also Cloud based Project Management software provider that simplifies the burden of maintaining manual files.

We do Bespoke Project Management services targeting construction sector. Tailor made Project Management for small and medium scale companies providing range of broad spectrum of operational and day-to-day management, acting & working on behalf of clients with Authorities, Central storage services, Language support services etc.

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I-Cost Smart Costing System assist in budget tracking, managing quality including compliance documentation throughout a project. Working in collaboration cannot be made any easier.

I-Cost Ltd analyses your business and its requirements to provide a road map for your business with simple solutions to overcome the challenging and complex situations, from tracking project costs to managing budget and resources.

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